Death Of The Old Ways

Hey everyone As we all know we are not dead & hopefully we won’t be for a very long time to come. However on hearing on the ITV News that the Mayan Calender had started at the beginning of the rise of empires & powerful nations I thought I would write a poem on what could be the end of days for the old ways of imperial power & capitalism as we know it. I have called it Death of the Old Ways. I hope you find an enjoyable & thought provoking read.

Death Of The Old Ways

The world did not end
I never thought it would
but now the Mayan calender
has been properly explained
the reign of the fat cats could be over
The calender has been running
for 5126 years
Why bore you to tears with statistics
because its great news
for those of us with altruistic tendencies
It could be our turn
to be in the ascendency
this calender started
with the birth of powerful city states
and nations
big was good empires rose and fell
from Greece and Rome to Britain
and the Soviet Union
their leaders did not break bread for communion with the masses
Hitler brainwashed the working classes as did Napoleon
whilst Uncle Sam did the same
in a more subtle way
inviting all to stay and share the American dream
that anyone can make it if you know how to fake it
in the world of capitalism consumer style
where Richie Rich gets wealthier by the day
and the workers take home pay is whatever pittance
the bosses decide it should be
maybe the Mayans had a cycle
& we now move on
to the next stage of the journey
a return to smaller countries
sustainable ways of living
where giving is more important
than taking or fighting
exciting, enlightening times lie ahead
we are not dead
but maybe just maybe
the old ways might be
and a different philosophy may see
the beginnings of a better world

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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