Daughter Of The Kirk

Hey everyone This is another faith based poem for which I make absolutely no apologies. Those who know will know that faith plays a very big part in my life and this poem which I have titled Daughter Of The Kirk was written in 2012 as part of an exercise at Shettleston Writers Group when members of the group were invited to choose from a selection of photographs and describe in poetry or prose what image the poem conveyed to them.

After seeing my photograph of choice of a young woman sitting in her study it reminded me the importance of faith not only to the girl in the photograph which looked as if it could be from Victorian or Edwardian age but to me living as I do in 21st Century Scotland/Britain. I hope you enjoy the read.

Daughter Of The Kirk

Attentively she reads her bible
in that time between dinner and evensong
prim and proper in her Sunday best
she dreams of romantic heroes
but keeps her thoughts to herself
reading proverbs she searches for meaning
dreaming not of wealth and riches
but kindness of heart
focusing on the book
she views the world
through clear skies
tempered with clouds
which threaten rain
she does not complain about her lot
she knows God can read thoughts
including her sinful ones
of the boy next door
a daughter of the kirk
she is aware
It’s half past 5 time moves with indecent speed
she’d better go upstairs
freshen up
she needs to cleanse
her mind of impurities
she prays and sets herself right
obedient to the faith
she heads down stairs
and remembers
evensong starts in an hour

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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