Crocodile Tears

Hey everyone. A poem inspired by the cowardice of warmongering political leaders. I don’t know why but Blair and Bush come readily to mind. I’ve called it Crocodile Tears I hope you enjoy the read.

Crocodile Tears

The world is slowly drowning
in a river of crocodile tears
as leaders cry for soldiers
they send out to die
without asking why
never accepting blame
citing national interest
as a respectable emblem of honour
when it should be a badge of shame
especially the flag they fight for
is that of another land
in the name of the people
leave them to fight their own battles
in fields which are not ours to contest
despite the Westminster chorus
of weapons of mass destruction and dictator
they never got rid of Mugabe unlike Zimbabwe
Iraq and Afghanistan do not compete
in the Commonwealth Games
the slicker the oil the more squaddies die
and the more we realise
you don’t go to war
for bananas

@ Gayle Smith 2011

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