Costume Drama

Hey everyone A poem on the fun side of halloween there may be one on the scary side of it tomorrow. I’ve called it Costume Drama I hope you enjoy the read.

Costume Drama

All Hallow’s eve
tricking or treating
fancy dress party’s
dooking for apples
costume drama
so exciting
what would it be
without the hassle

This is the time
for witches and warlocks
angels and devils
doctors and nurses
soldiers and sailors
pirates and policemen
Its not about parents
emptying purses

Not like they used to
there are no kids on doorsteps
It’s more of a night
for the over 18’s
bars put up prizes
to tempt all the regulars
In to the spirit of halloween

You’ll see some real sights
from firemen to schoolgirls
comic book heroes
or odd looking nuns
ghosts ghouls and gremlins
a bride or a call girl
costume dramas can be fun

@ Gayle Smith 2008

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