City Of Dreamers

Hey everyone This is a poem about Glasgow which is older than some of my friends as it was written as far back as 1991 it looks at the city faults and all, and mentioned all the negative stereotypes it seems to get. Well you can’t avoid them those of us born and raised here or who have lived here long enough to be called local, a week’ s enough in my eyes by the way, know fine well what we are told they are. However I really hope it explains why despite all this and more I can’t help but love the place. It is titled City Of Dreamers I hope you enjoy the read.

City Of Dreamers

City of dreamers
City of schemers
City of con men
City of hope
City of punks
City of drunks
City of junkies
High on dope
City of culture
City of vulture
City of down and outs
Begging for money
City of dignity
City of bigotry
City of poverty
City of yuppies
City of violence
City of silence
City of industry
City of pride
City of sinners
City of winners
City of ships
that were built on the Clyde
City of history
City of mystery
City of kindness
There’s a strong bond between us
For I know you well
I am one of your children
Because you are Glasgow
The city of dreamers

@ Gayle Smith 1991

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