Cash Crops

Hey everyone As a Geography & Politics honours graduate  this a topic i feel strongly about particularly in the way it impacts  with regards to developng nations. However this poem  which i have titled Cash Crops can also be used as a metaphor for 21st century life & as an example of how society has made us wage slaves who have a craving for instant fame..I hope you enjoy it & it makes you think on two levels

Cash Crops

Be it cattle or coffee
It is all about cash crops
& this is a global truth
from Scotland to Malawi
From the Blantyre of Livingston’s birth
to the capital of the nation he explored
the lions roar& the big beasts say
The name & the aim are the same
find someone to blame
keep the wolf away from the door
Its all about economics
who cares what you want to do
the only seeds you aspire to sow
are those where profit margins grow
at three to ten times the average
never mind the damage to the farm
or the land
you have to understand its all about economics
& if slash & burn gets return on your output
who will care about environmental consequences
come to your senses
yes they’ll be protesters
a few green pressure groups like anyone listens to them
I know number the FM or number 10
have to pay lip service
when there’s an election
they seem to get the student vote
but then students grow up get jobs
become bankers or civil servants
maintain the authority they once tried fight
they fit right in with smart skirts &collar & ties
they learn the trade of telling lies
do what they once despised
become a part of the system
they once tried to smash
as they realise that its all about economics
not poverty or social reform
That’s not good politics
do you hear what we’re saying
we wrote the rules of the game
your playing
its all about economics
It really is all about economics
forget your dreams they don’t pay bills
It doesn’t matter about your skills
this is the last will & testament for the agricultural industry
failure to listen could see you asset stripped of your dignity
It may be your land but you must understand
diversification is the name of the game
a global headache & the world can blame whoever it likes
but if you didn’t take advice when prices take a hike
I think you might not like it
when I say one last time its all about economics
& from cattle to coffee
It is all about cash crops

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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