Call Centre Blues

Hey everyone As it’s a Monday I thought I would post a poem on the topic of work. Written in 2008 Call Centre Blues looks at working in one of the hardest jobs in the market from the perspective of a customer sales advisor. I hope I have tackled the subject with empathy for those involved and that you find it a thought provoking read.

Call Centre Blues

Please be nice when I answer the phone
be polite don’t shout or moan
I’ll try my best to deal with your call
though this job has me climbing the wall

I know your angry and frustrated
I would be too at the time you’ve waited
you can’t stand the message or the music we play
I know there’s just 24 hours in a day

If you’ve got a complaint I will try to help
I don’t do this job for the good of my health
but in less than an hour I’ll be finished my shift
and my clouds of depression will finally lift

I’m bored out my mind doing this every day
but I’ve got a mortgage and bills I must pay
so I do understand if your less than amused
but believe me I’m suffering from call centre blues

@Gayle Smith 2008

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