Broken Dreams

Hey everyone. A poem written especially for Kezia Dugdale MSP. I read on my twitter feed that she is having a fund-raiser for her party with a 1980’s theme. So in the spirit of cross party friendship & respect for the fact that she campaigns ferociously for action on poverty & against pay day loans I have written this as my recollection of memories of the decade in which I spent my late teens & most of my 20’s. I’ve called it Broken Dreams I hope you enjoy the read

Broken Dreams

Ra Ra skirts and glittered tights
Thatcher and the miners strike
communities shattered
broken dreams
in a once proud nation

Greenham common and CND
Gremlins Ghostbusters and ET
a young Tom Cruise became top gun
as we all bought Now
the very first one
Danced to Culture Club & Wham
saint Bob really was the man
live aid rocked
and we showed the world why
but then idealism died

The greed and despair of the Thatcher years
sent me to sleep in a river of tears
but I held on to hope
I had no other choice
as a poetry helped me find my voice

Eastenders and Neighbours appeared on our tellies
crispy pancakes fed our bellies
Madonna and Kylie
Lionel Richie Rick Astley
musical memories
both brilliant and ghastly

Recalling toys for younger cousins
space hoppers would set them buzzing
rubik cubes puzzled
enquiring minds
cabbage patch dolls
didn’t travel with time

In thousands we marched
when the poll tax came as people spoke out
saying not in our name
I hated injustice and fought for equality
There’s one war worth fighting
and that’s against poverty

I learned in the 80’s the price of exclusion
we should never give up
till we find the solution
we are faced with two choices
to the crime of all crimes
its a fairer tax system or Dickensian times

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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