Broken Britain

Hey everyone. A poem in support of Independence which I wrote in 2009 at around the time David Cameron whilst leader of the opposition spoke of a Broken Britain. The moment I heard him say those magic words I thought that this was a gift to myself as a poet & to the Scottish Independence movement as a slogan with which to both taunt and taint the unionists. It was too good an opportunity to miss and believe me I wasn’t going to.

The rationale behind the poem was a simple one having heard the man who at that time was seeking election to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom I wanted to ask the question is Britain worth saving? and by showing its decline over time put forward the suggestion that Britain belongs in the past. I have used the title Cameron gifted me and called it Broken Britain I hope you enjoy the read.

Broken Britain

Broken Britain
battered, bruised, and bleeding
but not yet buried in the churchyard of history
like a pensioner he stubbornly staggers on
stuttering, muttering to himself
of days when he had family all over globe
and as head of the house
he was respected
friends were chosen carefully
selected because of their influence and power
now those who were once close
have distanced themselves
from someone who they can clearly see
is a shadow of the man he used to be
when his swagger dominated every stage
and he was master of all he surveyed
this is no longer the case
its not just those in remote far flung places
who are isolated now
but sons and daughters much closer to home
who watch anxiously presiding over their family’s painful demise
some cannot disguise their delight
that the day of a domineering parent
will soon be at an end
whilst others grip tighter than ever
to their father’s coat-tails
trying to convince themselves
this is not happening
but this delusion can only last for so long
before fate and reality take a hand
and someone with everyone’s best interests at heart
switches off the life support machine.

@ Gayle Smith 2009

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