Born In The Cold

Hey everyone. A poem to make us think a wee bit more on the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve called it born in the cold I hope you enjoy the read.

Born In The Cold

everyone rushes round the shops
or spends time on the net
to search for a million presents
just in case we forget
the long lost aunt or cousin
we haven’t seen for years
but buy for every Christmas
in a temporary moment of cheer

We’re stressed to the hilt at home & work
we never stop to pause
we max out all our store cards
in the name of Santa Claus
we never think about the poor
who live only minutes away
we don’t want them to invade our thoughts
not on Christmas Day

& yet 2,000 years ago a stable was the place
for a child to be born
who came to earth
as a gift for the human race
what would he say at the fact we neglect
the unemployed & old
the man who died for everyone
was the babe who was born in the cold

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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