Hey everyone. As I go to my see specialist tomorrow. I go in confident mood as I truly believe I have turned a very significant corner & have written this poem to celebrate the fact I have called it Blooming. I hope you enjoy the read.


I did not think of others being like me
I thought of spirit trapped now flying free

I do not anger precious time is wasted
the wine of life first sipped now truly tasted

I care not for repression nor for malice
my mind is like a grand and glamorous palace

I shed my suits of fear for skirts of power
Accept me as I am and I will flower

My journey is a very personal story
Enjoy it as you cover me in glory

I celebrate with all I have within me
A life I try to live each day with dignity
My friends say I have blossomed
Now I’m blooming

No longer seen as Trans
but as a woman

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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