Hey everyone. Another poem about growing up transsexual & the issues. I faced at the time. These include the cultural & social barriers I faced, barriers which many transpeople still face even in these more enlightened times. I have given it the title Awakening I hope you enjoy the read.


Even in the seventies
I knew I must surrender my heart
to my feelings
accept myself
which I did within reason
but still never came out
It wasn’t the time
I committed no crime
apart from the sin of wanting
needing to be me
free of sorrow & shame
I didn’t fit in
society wasn’t ready
prejudice was still rife
particularly amongst hard man
west of Scotland types
I’d get distressed if I laddered my tights
or if something no longer fitted
that was the sign of gaining weight
but It would be the early eighties
before my awakening
when on a visit to the library
i found a book by Caroline Cossey
which showed me
at the age of 22 or was it 23
there were other girls like me
& at last I realised
I was not the only one.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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