Hey everyone. A poem on the Brits favourite subject the recession & how just in case you’ve forgotten were all in this together. I’ve titled it Austerity I hope you enjoy the read.


They call it austerity
say we’re in all in this together
serve up a plate of platitudes
as they blether
in private members clubs
where they go to drink the land dry
they’ll never invite you
to come dine with them
at number 10 or anywhere else
for that matter
they dismiss your concerns
as they chatter on
about the dawn of a new Britain
more remote from you than ever before
they’ll shut the door on your dreams
& throw away the key
as they continue to blether
& serve a course of fear
to the gullible
in the hope that though
its difficult to digest
you’ll come back to austerity
& with glad hearts pay their price
because they served coffee
in union jack mugs
& smiled as you left
reminding you not to walk away
as the bullshit breed said
we’re all in this together
& we can’t survive
without you

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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