Ask The Angels (A Poem In Memory Of Christine McColl)

Hey everyone Sometimes in life you have to ask yourself where has the time gone. Never was more true than when I read a comment on facebook from my long standing friend Kenny McColl that it was ten years ago yesterday since his big sister Christine was taken from us. Christine was a close friend of mine and I was devastated as everyone was at her cruel and untimely death. Like her wee brother I can’t believe I can’t believe it’s ten years already since her brilliant life in which she inspired many was cut so tragically short. I have written this poem as a tribute to Christine I’ve called it Ask The Angels and I hope it does justice to the memory of a true and cherished friend.

Ask The Angels (A Poem In Memory Of Christine McColl)

Where has the time gone?
I can’t believe its been ten years
since I last saw that red coppered hair
which reminded me of the calm of an early autumn day
like the day we first became friends
almost twenty years ago
you know you are still in my thoughts
even though you sleep
and I weep tears of anger
at a cliché proven true
only the good die young
you were taken far too early
don’t worry for those you left behind
your memories wrap us in warmth
on the coldest winter days
you wouldn’t want damned with faint praise
and you won’t get it from me
only the honesty you always requested
in our friendship
we survived hard times and difficult days
we had our clashes
our differences of opinion
but there was nothing that couldn’t be solved
by Monday or Wednesday night drinks blackfriars the pub of choice
where we would set the world to rights exposing those we believed to be liars
with hair the colour of a warm fire
you couldn’t deny that when needed you had a temper to match it
always compassionate
you hated inequality
said that no civilised country
had any excuse for poverty
you wanted a better land
I still find it hard to understand
why you were taken so young
but God had a plan
that you sing in his choir
why? I don’t know
I can’t pretend to try
but as you sing to the celestial skies
we who are left still feel the pain
and can’t explain why you had to go
I guess we’ll just have to ask the angels

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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