Another Scotland Is Possible

Hey everyone. A poem for all of those who attended the Radical Independence Conference yesterday. Unfortunately circumstances meant I was unable to attend but believe me I was with you all in spirit and have written this poem as my manifesto to illustrate my belief that another Scotland is not only possible it is actually necessary if we are to fair and inclusive society we seek to build. I have titled it Another Scotland Is Possible
I hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

Another Scotland Is Possible

We have to challenge ourselves
not shout at the wind
climate change is an issue
we need to address
we must never shirk from taking bold decisions
in the quest to tackle inequality
poverty and homelessness are major concerns
but this is not the time to shed tears
speak of fears
seek the protection of nanny England’s apron strings
the needy child
is not a role we should be playing it is time to stand up and say
there is another way
another Scotland is possible
If we want it to be
we must be more radical
seek solutions
which cannot come with devolution
where purse strings are held by the elite
we cannot let them decide
what treats we should or should not get
they have only their own interests to serve
we have to say bread must come before
bullets bombs and guns
never again will we send daughters or sons to dangerous fields
to commit atrocities in our name
this shame must end now
from this day we must show the world
how a small country can be sustainable and successful
we have the capacity to be influential
a force for good
a voice for those in need
we won’t bleed anyone dry
but we deserve better than this dis united kingdom can provide
food banks have no place in an oil rich nation
It is an insult to our people that they are necessary
the punishment for supporting austerity rather than doing as Iceland did and saying no to the bankers
who caused this calamity
it is insanity to believe millionaires care for the poor
as Labour’s ragged trousered philanthropists do
they’ll serve the red white and blue
for ermine robes and green benches
It’s time to wake up
come to our collective senses
realise that another Scotland
a better Scotland is possible

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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