Alternative Tomorrows

Hey everyone This poem written in October 2011 is dedicated to Glasgow Labour Councillor Aileen Colleran Its title is Alternative Tomorrows. This was inspired by a comment Aileen made on her facebook which I liked as soon as I saw it. Truth be told I liked it so much I used it as a theme for Tollcross Writers last year, so its not the only one written on the topic but its mine so its the only one I’m posting on this blog.

Alternative Tomorrows

A vision of a better day
an alternative tomorrow
where we are not defined
by possessions or wealth
reach the point of no return
then march to the future
holding no weapons
firing no guns
where nobody’s daughters or sons
will be killed by reckless elites
prejudice & bigotry retreat
to an embarrassing place in history
alternative tomorrows have no limit
except the constraints of our minds
abandoning fear we will find a place
where diversity & difference are respected
not selected as targets
by those with nothing to do
the land of the many not the few
never did come about
anyway some would still have felt
marginalised blamed ashamed
alternative tomorrows start now
Inclusion the key
we will live in a fairer world
not judged on 18th century rules
fools are running scared
wanting no part in this march
for equality
preferring not to fight the war on poverty
instead they squander our wealth
on other toys
these little boys get young soldiers killed
soldiers sent to fight in wars
they will never face
disgraceful behaviour
by so-called leaders
they will face their harvest of sorrows
when alternative tomorrows

the way we live today

@ Gayle Smith 2011

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