Hey everyone. A poem about that first meeting with someone which you hope will lead to a second because you get goose bumps & go all funny & weak at the knees. I’ve called it Afters I hope you like it.


He smiled at her
she smiled back
stopped in her tracks
he chatted
my football days are over
he told her it was his legs
old injuries
the impact of a 12 hour shift
when he had worked as a chef
in one of Glasgow’s top restaurants
he had a nice smile
they talked of poetry & politics
until it was time to move on
his name was John
the same as her father
she felt safe
as he sat on the wall
free to be honest about her past
& her plans for the rest of the day
will mother nature cook up a winning recipe
not featured in cook books
or 50 shades of gray
she smiled
as they went their separate ways
thinking not of dinner tonight
but of what she might just might
have for afters.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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