Hey everyone. A poem which illustrates the contempt of the so-called greatest Briton for the people of Scotland a people he would willingly have abandoned to the Nazis to make sure England had priority in any invasion of Britain. Had he succeeded in this cruel deception in 1941 then 20 years later this blogger would never have been born

This outrageous attitude to so-called union of equals shows to me how Scotland is perceived by the British establishment and why the Trident missile system is based on the Clyde not the Thames or even the Mersey or the Humber. We are viewed as expendable it really is that simple. I have called the poem Abandoned which is what we would surely have been had the Nazis invaded and what we have been many times since by successive British Governments of all political colours to in the name of Westminster electoral success. I hope you find it an interesting and thought provoking read.


Dateline 1941:
my uncle fights
for king and country
my mother aged 10
when she’ll see her brother again

Not that Churchill cared
my uncle can be left to rot
after all he was only a Scot
he was fighting the Nazis
but for Britain not for England’s glory
his view of history was ignored
in their story

The fact Scots would fight and die
was conveniently ignored
so he could claim the glory
the spoils of war
the v sign and cigar
the trademark of a man
who didn’t give a damn

he didn’t need to worry
he had already prepared
plans for a Nazi invasion
the so-called United Kingdom
sacrificed for England’s name
He had priorities

Pearls before swine but at least
the trains would run on time
on their journey to oblivion
these were the thoughts
inside the mind
of a tyrant and a drunk

The greatest Briton I don’t think so
though some who should know
their history
spin a tale of myths and lies
to cut ambition down to size
It’s deception, nothing more

The lion shall roar
Scotland can stand proud
in charge of our destiny
yet some still claim
we are better together
will these people never learn

I was once told
those who do not learn from history
are condemned
to repeat its mistakes
someone apply the brakes
before it goes out of control
and austerity causes a crash
from which only the rich will escape
thieves who take in ‘Britain’s’ name

They have no shame
leaving others to take the blame
for their greed
we need a different agenda
from this palace of fools

One rule for us and another for them
but inside the gates of number ten
muttering mandarins
tell Cameron they have plans
for Scotland and our people
just like Churchill had in 41
a deal or no deal option
Independence or nothing

Something tells me
this is our time
nothing is not an option
has been abandoned before
Now a lion roars
to protect our people
against this march to the right

Yet to their shame
some still insist
we are better together
they claim the protection
of a bigger neighbour
is Scotland’s saviour

To them I say this
my uncle came home
no thanks to your kind
I think you will find
though the trains
may not always run on time
Its the end of the line for you

Believe me when I say
the red and white
will soon have no blue
as our colours are removed
from the banner of betrayal
we will no longer be abandoned
and our assets will be used
to build a fairer nation

@ Gayle Smith 2013


2 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. I’m writing to a note to try to reclaim my book from people who have used what it is supposed to say to further their own agenda , mainly on the basis of a poor piece of journalism in the Scottish Daily Express.

    The article on 23 March misrepresented both what was in the book and what happened in 1940. The plan was that if the Germans mounted a diversionary attack on Scotland to draw British forces off from the main invasion site in south-eastern England, General Ironside was not going to be fooled; Scotland was not left defenceless, but like any other part of the UK it was going to have to manage with the military garrison it had. Scotland was not going to ‘have been abandoned to the Germans’.

    Gordon Barclay, author of ‘If Hitler comes. Preparing for Invasion: Scotland 1940’

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