A Thorn Amongst The Roses

Hey everyone. With Pride Glasgow coming up on Saturday I thought I would post. a poem written in 2011 for a lesbian friend of mine.

As a transsexual women in her early fifties I am often viewed as a wee bit of a mother hen to certain members of this community, and I often joke to my friends that I am the only mother in history who has 20 lesbian daughters and have never given birth to any of them.

It also true to say that as a woman of class, culture, sophistication and style I know a wee bit about labels. They usually come as a result of stereotyping, though to be honest, I prefer mine from Karen Millen.

On a serious note however, this poem tackles attitudes often directed at lesbians and young lesbians in particular. Like are you a lesbian because you can’t get a man? or where’s your dungarees and crew cut? the implications being you can’t be a lesbian and pretty or you can’t be a lesbian and girlie. These images of young lesbians are hurtful dangerous and stupid and were amongst the main reasons I decided to write A Thorn Amongst The Roses, I hope you enjoy the poem and find it a challenging and thought provoking read.

A Thorn Amongst The Roses

A thorn amongst the Roses
you look at her
but you dare not say
the words that come to mind
A Thorn amongst the roses

She doesn’t fit in your cosy little picture
A seat at the table
but where will you place her
A Thorn amongst the roses

she dares to be different
not just the same
when things go wrong
you always blame
The thorn amongst the roses

proud of herself
she embraces life
who cares if this pretty girl
wants a wife

On the day she was born
a rose was picked
from a crown of thorns

@ Gayle Smith 2011

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