A New Arrangement

Hey everyone. A poem on Scotland’s Independence & why our settlement with our neighbours doesn’t need to be acrimonious or messy. It is a poem which I think expresses the desire to take control of our own destiny & ending our current relationship without in any way being nasty to our former partners. It was Oasis who said don’t look back in anger I haven’t done so just reflected on a relationship which has ran its course. I have given it the title A New Arrangement I hope you enjoy the read.

A New Arrangement

When we first became acquainted
love and hate reigned in equal measure
hearts of fire we decided to unite
under the same roof

When we moved in
temperatures cooled
we respected each other’s boundaries
and rules

On settling down
contentment brought us
to a place of togetherness

When routine came calling
habits became harder to break
we were over critical
of the smallest mistake

But when we realised
how much we’d been through
we made a decision
to remember the good times

With no bitterness we sought
a new arrangement
and decided to become neighbours rather than flatmates.

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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