A Nation Of Equals

Hey everyone. A poem to celebrate the launch of our Government’s white paper on Independence. However this poem is in my opinion far more than just a poem, it is my personal manifesto and presents to you the vision of the post independent Scotland I want to see and why we should vote for it on September 2014.

Like all manifesto’s this is a joint effort and though I have put it in to poetic form, credit must and will be given to Chris Stephens, Dennis Canavan, Patrick Harvie, Jim Monaghan and Natalie McGarry for chats at spoken word nights SNP and Yes Scotland gatherings and Equality events for that one throwaway line you gave me whether you realised it or not. All of you played a part in creating this poem and deserve my thanks for doing so. I’ve called it A Nation Of Equals and I hope you enjoy the read.

A Nation Of Equals

Here’s to the land of Jimmy Reid
a land where we never see children in need
where we tackle the issues like childcare and poverty
and see when we’re building our new democracy
let us work with opponents
we once viewed as foes
as we learn from each other
our confidence grows
we won’t get it all right
no country does
let us all speak of we
and never of us
we must keep the promise
to get rid of trident
when we see people suffer
we must never be silent
we should tackle injustice no matter where
let us vote for a Scotland
which will show that it cares
by the actions we take and the ones we refute by giving communities power at grassroots
by creating a climate
of hope and ambition
a land where a void
is replaced by a vision
we must the honour this pledge
which we make to our people
to fight for a nation
where we all live as equals

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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