A Life Of Rhyme

Hey everyone A poem which owes much to a particular late night discussion with Robin Cairns & Chris Young after a great night of spoken word. The idea came when we chatted about how we always wanted to improve as poets & performers & how in order to achieve that we all knew we had to continually work at our craft.I’ve called it A Life Of Rhyme I hope you enjoy the read.

A Life Of Rhyme

Poets work hard at their craft
Its more much more than a life of rhyme
It is a skill which needs to be perfected words carefully selected
never forced
it wouldn’t be right
sometimes we will burn
the midnight oil
for just one line
life of rhyme
life sentence
would be more like the truth
the ultimate proof
of their latest efforts merits
will come but not now
its never now
always later
when the fruits of our labours
will be ripe for the reading
the bleeding of the soul
will have happened 100 times or more as the poet edits with scythe like precision
the words which need removed or replaced
the finished poem will look nothing like
the first draft
the poet works hard at the craft
the muse can strike at any time
Poetry is more so much more
than a life of rhyme

@ Gayle Smith 2012



2 thoughts on “A Life Of Rhyme

    • Hey Charlene I’m really glad you liked this poem. It’s one I tend not to perform as much as I should, because I am proud of it and I think it has good use of both language and imagery.

      Hope you’ll get inspiration from some of my poems and that reading them may tempt you to try and write some material on subjects you may have not have considered before.

      Good luck with your anthology I’m sure it will be brilliant.

      Lots Of Love Always
      Gayle XXX

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