A Level Playing Field

Hey everyone Have you got a spare 10 minutes? Think about when go to see your football or rugby team . Its the last ten minutes of an important game they are struggling to hold on but then they find there form & get the result the need.

The Scottish LGBT Community are in that last 10 minutes& they need that bit of luck to get the result in the most important game they’ve ever played.

This is about creating a level playing field. Homophobia & Transphobia are still rife within sport this has a negative impact on LGBT community who feel that the sporting fraternity
are not giving them a sporting chance.

This is particularly true with regards to team sports, especially football where the stench of macho attitudes creates an adversarial environment in which being labelled as LGBT is often used as a way to taunt opponents. This despite the fact that evidence proves that there will be LGBT supporters of every club in Scotland Britain & the World.

This fact alone demonstrates the need for change. As a open transsexual women who is a proud Celtic & Scotland fan I have to say that when I have watched in games in bars I have been on the receiving end of some transphobic abuse & trust me it isn’t pleasant.

However I can & do answer back, yes make no mistake this bitch bites. I’m lucky that I do have a good sense of humour & if necessary I will use it as a weapon of defence, but this is the 21st century & these kind of self defence tactics shouldn’t be necessary.

My main concern about this is not about me, its about the next generations & those who will follow them. I want to build a fairer Scotland where everyone’s contribution is valued & sports fans can feel free to wear there colours with pride & at pride.

Have you got a spare 10 minutes?
Help us score the goal that wins for this game for equality. We have only 3 days left to do it but the game isn’t over till the final whistle blows, let’s make sure when it does blow we leave the field with a victory

Please complete this survey as quickly as you can. We have no time no lose.
The out for sport survey can be found by going to the link below


Thanks in Anticipation

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X

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