A Great Scotland

Hey everyone. Here’s a poem which I hope you will enjoy. The title of the poem & the inspiration for it owes a great debt to SNP council candidate for Glasgow Shettleston Adam Miller who recently said Great Britain is over its time for a Great Scotland. So I thought I’ll run with that idea & see where its lands. Well its landed & I hope you like it.

A Great Scotland

Its time for the history of Britain
to be completed
& only occasionally taken down from shelves to be read
analysed for posterity
a memory of a nation once proud
now confined to the past
there is no Great Britain anymore
the sun has long since set on the age of empire

Times have changed & John Bull is now an old man
his beliefs that rank & privilege
could hold a land together
challenged by other forces
From Europe & from within his own islands
no longer will four feuding siblings
sit in silence blaming each other
when things go wrong
each has a story to tell
& songs of their own to sing

They will lift up their voices
to celebrate themselves
expressing identities once hidden
behind a stricter door
they shall speak as never before
with confidence courage & pride
It is time to embrace change

There are some within our midst
who may resist what they see
as the break up of the family
they were always the old man’s favourites
I can understand them
but they have to face their fears
In years to come their sons & daughters
will thank them for taking the step

Let it not be said in anger
regret or sorrow
the journey to tomorrow
started before yesterday’s dawn
It is time to move on
Great Britain died long ago
there is no room for sentiment
In an ever changing world

The certainties of the past are over now
we must walk our own path
as we take the road to freedom
Its time for a great Scotland
to be the best we can be
& to give all that we are
as the stewards of our land

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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