A Great Man Walked Among Us

Hey everyone As the world mourns the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela. I have written this poem as my personal tribute to the great man. I have titled it A Great Man Walked Among Us I hope you enjoy the read and it inspires you to be the change you want to see in your lives.

A Great Man Walked Among Us

A great man lies sleeping
feeling no more pain
as he begins his well deserved rest
a giant in stature and intellect
he shone like a diamond
his crystal clear vision
for a better nation
should be an inspiration
to those who fight for freedom
for a better democracy
where no-one lives in poverty
whilst bowing to their so-called betters we will not surrender his legacy
but support the right
of people to govern themselves
I despaired on seeing Blair the war criminal
acting like this icon was his best friend
the charlatan
he met the great man only as a means to an end
for the sake of his political career
he encountered a giant whose vision was crystal clear
a better world a better human race
he never supported
the unjust wars for oil and profit
he preferred not to scoff at the beliefs of others
he would speak out on the issues that mattered
global concerns which impacted on us all
a man who heard the call to serve
and answered without delay
survived the horrors of imprisonment
with courage and dignity
walked free to a new South Africa
a land he helped to create
turned his back on hate
instead focusing on truth reconciliation and hope
rather than troubles and fears
placing them in the past
the architect of a new tomorrow
he wanted to be free not just of prison but of the burden of expectation
he served only one term of office
before passing the torch to another
it was in the words of a song
I first heard his name
lyrics which spoke of South African shame
I wanted to know him better
read his words and learn
attempt to discern his philosophy by doing so I was guided by his principles but mother nature knew of his suffering
and told him father time will call you
no man or woman is invincible
and now as President Obama says
he belongs to the ages leaving not a footprint in history
rather a path to walk with grace
I was there when I saw his face smile in the square
where he danced
the man who embraced hope
and give it a chance to shine
as we gave him the keys to our city
wise, and witty,
a man of integrity
takes his leave of our world
but we should be happy that in our time
a great man walked amongst us.

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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