A Day For Donegal

Hey everyone A poem especially written for Shettleston Writers on the theme of May Day memories. This one tells the story of the beautiful sunny Sunday that was May Day 2011.

A Day For Donegal

Forget the red flag
this was a day for other colours
the merchant city a sea of gold and green
as the tunes of tradition called
pulling the heart strings
pride and smiles beamed brighter
in the sun of a Sunday afternoon

A band took the stage
and my heart could have burst the banks
of the Foyle and the Clyde
engulfed by a tidal wave of emotion
I was swept away by happiness
as melodies made memories
enduring as the timeless space of eternity

For 30 minutes I was seduced
by haunting airs
I was taken to dreamland
by the tunes of magical musical minstrels
who let the music tell the story
with voices which came from within
fitting on this beltane to start a Celtic summer
with a gathering of the clan

At the end of their set
it was the turn of others to play
on this day for Donegal
as the music called me home
I left as the sun began to fade
from cloudless skies
knowing chains can never be broken when crafted with diamonds

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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