A Civilised Land

Hey everyone. A poem for World Transgender Remembrance Day inspired by my friend Sophie. I’ve called it A Civilised Land I hope you enjoy the read.

A Civilised Land

I can wear whatever I like
& nobody says a word
the worst I’ll get is when some ned
says whose that dodgy looking burd
like I’ll care I’ll just move on
get on with what needs done
at least I know that I’ll be free
from a madman’s knife or gun

This is Scotland after all
we live in a civilised land
but in some countries at this time
your killed for being trans
in Mexico & in Brazil
in Turkey & Honduras
there are those who believe
& they don’t know why
they have too kill or cure us

In India & the Philippines
in parts of the USA
we’re gunned down or macheted
by those who’ll have their say
they think that we’re disposable
we’re denied our human rights
but our land is a civilised land
though its not yet a beacon of light

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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