A Choice Of Two Futures

Hey everyone Unless you have recently moved here from Mars The Milky Way or a completely different Galaxy, you will realise that Wednesday marked exactly a year till Scotland is faced with a choice of two futures. Those futures could not offer a greater contrast. One is of an Independent nation which will sit at the global family table as an equal member of that family, the other of a totally dependent land incapable of making the decisions to empower its people without asking permission. I wonder what future I’ll decide to choose. I think the poem may tell you as it drops a subtle hint or two. I’ve titled it a choice of two futures, I hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

A Choice Of Two Futures

A year to decide
what kind of land
you want to live in
Independent and free
or dependent on Britain
to take the tough decisions
and set our priorities
I am not impressed by the claims independence means a tax rise and a thousand years in poverty
or that others know than better than us
and they should set our path
better together don’t make me laugh
the chorus of self interest
from Westminster way
reminds me I have something to say
to number 10
we will be a nation once again
I’ve heard your fairytales before
I do not believe a word
from this carefully orchestrated theatre of the absurd
I will not buy a ticket
for your production of sitting on the fence
this is a time when common sense must prevail
If we are to be the nation we aspire to be
it is not about taking a step too far
we must think on the goals we want to achieve
believe in our people and their ability to get things done
we have a year to decide
not who should be in charge
but how things should be run
we can accept limits or dare to dream
this land can make a contribution to humanity
I say it is insanity to vote no
put up with imposed restrictions on the country we can be
on what we can or cannot do
we have a year to decide what our view of our future
should be
colonial backwater
or a land free from the fears of the past
in this choice of two futures
I have made my decision
It’s Scotland not Britain
I’m voting yes to independence
will you join me in the quest for a better tomorrow
or will you reap the harvest of sorrow
sown by those who planted the seeds of fear
you have a year to decide
on the choice of two futures
will you choose the butchers apron
seen by some as the comfort blanket of union
where the world ends with devolution
and a parliament which can be closed at the stroke of a pen
or will you stand for
the bonnie blue banner of freedom
two flags will fly in the cool of an autumn breeze
but only one will be unfurled
your choice will decide if we are part of the global community
or the laughing stock of the world
so when decision day dawns
remember this choice between failure and success
say a prayer for glory
and place an X in the box
which says Yes

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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