A Barnstorming Night At Young MacDonald’s Farm

Hey everyone, It is now the morning after what can only be described as a totally unique, & to use the words of former Celtic manager Martin O’Neill ‘astonishingly brilliant’ of spoken word at the Word Play event at the Tron.

Word Play is a monthly event formed as the performance wing of the word factory writers group. The group facilitator Marc Sherland will choose a particular theme for the group on which they will be asked to write there poems or prose & the group of which I am a member though I don’t get to attend as many events as I would like will perform their work in the Victorian Bar in the Tron on the First Wednesday of the month.

This month’s or should I say last night’s theme as it is now almost daybreak on Thursday morning, was Young MacDonald’s Farm. This is an Oxfam funded charity where the money raised will go to assist in the purchase of equipment for farmers in Malawi. This very worthy cause had poets turning up in such numbers that we needed extra seating as the crowd exceeded capacity.

First up to the stage was the compare & host of the evening Marc who set the tone for the evening with his rural themed poem Next to the mic was that shy retiring creature Linda Grant, & yes this comment is made with half a tone of irony. Well she may have been shy & retiring at one stage but I think that stopped about two or three years ago & its safe to say that I can’t see it returning any time soon.

For this particular event Linda was playing the part of the farmer’s wife. To say she was pretty scary as this character would I think be an understatement. I have to admit she terrified me & I don’t scare easily. I have to say though I think this was by a country mile the best performance I have ever seen her give in the five years I’ve known her. She was to put not too fine a point absolutely brilliant. If I’m honest I think lethal may be a more accurate description. Well let’s put it this way with Linda on that kind of form an Independent Scotland would not need a nuclear deterrent.

There were also top class performances from many others. Including Sheila Templeton, Jim Ewing, Maryanne Hartness, Susan Milligan, Nuala Watt & Chris Young. I have to say my own poem Cash Crops which was only written at this time yesterday morning went down very well & received some excellent feedback from Marc & others. These included a guy I had never met before who was so impressed by it he asked if it was actually mine. I assured him that it was & told him in polite but firm tones that I never read anyone else’s work & if I had done so I would have announced it before I started my performance.

Having assured the curious stranger that It was indeed my own work, he complemented me on the fact that it sounded very professional & had excellent use of language. I think he was even more surprised to learn that I had written it from beginning to completion less than 24 hours before the performance. However I did make him aware that I was a Geography & Politics honours graduate hinting as I did so that perhaps he ought not to be so quick to jump to conclusions.
Well I didn’t have the heart to say that I was a well respected member of the spoken word community having been around the West of Scotland performance scene for almost 20 years.

Having got the performances out of the way it was good to get the chance to socialise with friends before taking part in the real highlight of the evening a highly competitive quiz. The Sammy’s team comprising of Jim Ewing, Susan Milligan, Chris Young & myself came a highly respectable second of six competing teams losing to the Federation of Writers Scotland by only 1 point.

Personally I think we were very unlucky & could & should have won. Our coalition of SNP Greens & Liberal Democrats almost pulled off a stunning win. Had we been successful it would have made the front page of the Herald I tell you no lies it may even have made Sky News. But alas it was not to be, maybe next time. Meanwhile we’ll just have to watch eggheads.

At the end of what was an entertaining & enjoyable evening I reflected only on one point which was how do I let those who missed it know how good the night actually was. Well I think I can sum up the event by saying that all who attended had a barnstorming night at Young MacDonald’s Farm.

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X


2 thoughts on “A Barnstorming Night At Young MacDonald’s Farm

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting me. I like the idea of tartan tights! By the way, your list of blog posts up front, while intriguing, made me wonder for a while where the latest post was to be found – you might want to change this so that people can see straight away what you’ve written last. (or not)

    • Hey Thanks for the positive chat as for those posts you refer to they are actually pages. They are mainly poems and were mostly posted in the early days of tartan tights when I was new to blogging. I do however still post the occasional page from time to time.

      As for my latest postings you just go to my home page and scroll down to whatever topics take your fancy. I hope you will enjoy my blog and will continue to read my whitterings for a long time to come. And by the way, you’ve reminded me that I really need to buy a pair of tartan tights.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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