Best Served Cold

Hey everyone. A poem about jealousy and the drama it causes. I have called it best served cold. Well I’m often reminded revenge is best served cold.

Best Served Cold

A romantic meal for two
the waiter delivers a bouquet
of 12 red roses
for you madame he says
with a smile
guitars play soft music
to serenade me
and a bottle of house red
is brought to the table
meanwhile my so-called perfect man
takes his seat
this is the way to treat a lady
I think
I blush bright pink
he asks if I like his surprise
my eyes tell the story
he did it all for the glory of love
or possibly lust
I wish I could trust him
more than I do
but suddenly she comes
Into view
all legs and lips
the slit in her skirt
showing far too much
for my liking
I’m not in the mood for fighting
but leave the table
for a quick visit to the ladies
no if’s but’s or maybes
but if she wants war
its time to get ready for battle
the lipstick crimson red
the tights changed
from black to glossy
there will only be one boss
in this battle of the bitches
my tactics use the weapon of choice
I won’t raise my voice
be making an entrance
or causing a scene
I’ll leave the screaming to her
as she exits stage left
without the leading man
in her never ending
one women show
culture requires class dontcha know
well I said dontcha you wish your boyfriend
was hot like mine
your train has reached the end of line
Its time to know your station
and its not here
I say cheer up missy
but save your kisses for someone else
I’ll stand by man in all seasons
and remind her she’s his ex for a reason
but tonight its my party she can cry if she wants to
as we get on with our meal
secretly hunger for passion
and remember revenge is a dish
best served cold

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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