Mother Hen

Hey everyone. A poem which touches on the difficult issue of being me & having maternal feelings. I have to say even last year I don’t think I could have written it, but a year is a long time in poetry & it now was the time to write it. I’ve called it mother hen I hope you enjoy the read.

Mother Hen

Seeing mothers pushing prams
holding babies in their arms
knowing I will never know
the joys and concerns of watching them grow
the laughter and smiles the frowns and fears
they’ll have on the journey through the years
I won’t see the progress that they make
or soothe their hearts whenever they break
but in the communities in which I move
I seem to dance to a different groove
its more Madonna than Jessie J
though in my defence I’ve got something to say
there are certain people usually girls
who shine like stars and light my world
the friends who know that I’ll be there
whenever they tell me life’s unfair who whenever they need a moan
will message me tweet me or give me a phone
they know I’ll support them in the darkest of times
as the mother hen tells them that all be fine.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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