Twenty Four Romanians

Hey everyone A poem on immigration. As you may recall just before Christmas we were swamped by propaganda from the hard right and the British press about how many Romanians and Bulgarians would flood our land come New Year’s Day 2014.

This rampant paranoia was nothing short of racist and people from two nations, Bulgaria being the other were absolutely demonised. Yet the other day the British Government were forced to admit that so far only Twenty Four Romanians had entered the UK. So you would think that the racist rhetoric surely must have embarrassed them but no, nothing seems to embarrass a government without shame.

I don’t know if it will work, but maybe my poem Twenty Four Romanians will make people think twice before stereotyping and labelling people. I certainly hope so and I hope you find it an interesting and thought provoking read.

Twenty Four Romanians

We were told in banner headlines
by the right wing press
the telegraph, daily mail, and daily express
Romanians would flood our land
arriving in their hordes
how many have arrived so far
Twenty four

Twenty four and not one more
I’ve got the numbers right
the ring wing press and UKIP
are talking total shite
but Cameron and Osborne bring in
laws that are draconian
Estonians are fine by me
the danger is Etonian

Bulgarians in Baillieston
I’d welcome them as neighbours
but right wing rhetoric rules the roost
it’s even collared Labour
they call for tighter borders
In Middle England’s name
their posh boy Tory leadership
should hang their heads in shame

It was the Poles who bore the brunt
a few short years ago
Italians, Jews, and Asians
they suffered too you know
the Irish were first to feel
the boots of union jack
as bigots wearing bowler hats
demanded them send back

So Rule Britannia if you must
but not with my consent
until our land is free and fair
I’ll never be content
equality must be a given right
in each and every nation
and that is the reason I support
those twenty four Romanians

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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One thought on “Twenty Four Romanians

  1. Well said Gayle! Exaggerated soundbites are far too easily digested and believed. A thoughtful poem is better fayre.

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