The Tartan Ronaldo

Hey everyone As a follow up to Saturday’s post about footballers and the pressures of fame I have decided to post a poem on this topic The Tartan Ronaldo looks I hope with empathy on the boy who becomes the overnight sensation and why it doesn’t always work out. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Tartan Ronaldo

He had just turned 18 with a head full of dreams
about making his way in the world
he didn’t have the looks to holywood bound
as he tried to impress all the girls
a football fanatic who acted the fool
he liked playing the lovable clown one Saturday morning he went to a game
by that night he was talk of the town.

One of the team’s was short of a player
so they asked for a brave volunteer
and the boy who was wearing the new Brazil strip
stepped out to a chorus of cheers
he arrived on the park
as the stand in reserve
but he left to a hero’s acclaim
he banged in a hat trick as his team won 3-1
he had taken the first steps to fame

His goalscoring prowess continued that night
for now he’d a story to tell
he kicked off in style as he went on the town
eyeing up all the prettiest girls
when the boy made his move
there was no holding back
he thought he could score when he pleased
in the game the next week he got both his team’s goals
this goalscoring lark was a breeze

For the next 7 games the boy went on the run
he scored 19 goals without stopping
the press claimed a new Scottish hero was born
as the big clubs all went christmas shopping
they called him the Tartan Ronaldo
he topped every manager’s list
he was the boy with goalscoring touch
this kid who enjoyed taking risks

So he signed for a big club in London
attracted by bright lights and fame
he tried all the things that a boy has to try
and soon he stopped getting a game
his career faded fast as he went off the rails
the money had gone to his head
he was no longer news all his dreams lay in ruins
the Tartan Ronaldo was dead

He was yesterday’s headlines this boy from the schemes
so he moved to a much smaller club
he doesn’t get seen in the press anymore
and he’s only the talk of the pubs
in the town where he plays part time for his team
and his girlfriend means more than the game
but he’s happier now with his quality of life
far away from the pressures of fame

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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