Time To Draw The Curtains

Hey everyone. A poem for the Edinburgh fringe 2013 for new friends made and good friends I kept. You know who you are and thanks for everything. I’ve called the poem Time To Draw The Curtains . I hope you enjoy the read.

Time To Draw The Curtains

As the curtains are drawn
It’s a time for cheerio’s not goodbyes to be said
Edinburgh will soon return to normal
more formal than it’s been for the last three weeks
when it’s streets were buzzing
with theatrical types
poets sorting the world
putting it to rights
faster than any politician
leaflet distributors on a mission
to tell you about their show
and why it must not be missed
as i make my way from the noise and chatter of the mile
walk back along the North Bridge
I smile as I hear fireworks
I stop for a look
see a rainbow exploding in the sky
feel a sense of sadness
as i leave behind a city
in which I have made memories and friends
the show never really ends
it just takes a break
to give us the time and space
to live in our worlds with all that they are
I look at stars and none are fading
It is a time to freeze frame images in our hearts
and occasionally give thought
to people, places, bars
where good times were shared
where we will at the time we know is right
gather at unusual times
of day or night
for a party where all are invited
and the curtains are opened to let everyone view
the sights and sounds of the fringe
but for now it’s time to draw the curtains
Edinburgh needs her sleep

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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