Over And Done

Hey everyone A tongue in check poem from my back catalogue on the topic of relationship break up’s which may suggest a few innovative ways of telling your unwanted partner they’ve reached the end of the road. I’ve called it Over and Done, I hope you enjoy the read.

Over And Done

Do it on telly
do it by text
get up and leave
after mind-blowing sex
flog your love letters
do it by fax
sell kiss and tell stories
to celebrity mags
cause a commotion
by running away
or telling your partner
your glad to be gay
do it in restaurant
do it in a pub
do it when your shopping
do it in a club
do it at the airport
do it on the beach
do it by lawyer
or by press release
do it at the alter
by saying I don’t
do it by letter
or do it by phone
do it by snogging
a good looking stranger
do it by e-mail
or maybe by pager
do it with music
do it in the shower
do it with tears
do it with flowers
do it on holiday
in the Record or Sun
just get your relationship
over and done

@ Gayle Smith 2003

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