Glasgow Kiss

In this poem which is my first post of the year I look at the impact of geography on both sectarianism and sexuality. I’ve titled it Glasgow Kiss at the suggestion of my good friend Paddy Callaghan. I hope you enjoy the read.

Glasgow Kiss

In Templeton Street
I threw in a coin
and said a silent prayer .

Geography matters in this part of town,
where the Gallowgate and Bridgeton
both border the Merchant City .

This is the Glasgow
where nobody is sitting pretty.
where conformity and diversity
reluctantly agree to co-exist

These are streets where being kissed
may not be quite as romantic.
as some folk would like you to think

As I pass by the fountain
I wish for a better tomorrow
free from the sorrows and tears
of far too many yesterdays

on walking a carefully mapped route
a driver toots their horn
as dignity blares out the window
the irony doesn’t escape me

not in this place
where hardened regulars
drink pints in their pubs
refusing to sip from any cup of kindness

And old habits die hard
as they find new victims to stalk
in the name of tradition

© Gayle Smith 2022

8 Replies to “Glasgow Kiss”

  1. this is powerful, gayle and says so much about what some people have had to endure, and continue to have to endure as they just try to live their lives as who they really are.

    1. Hey Beth. Happy New Year to you and all the family. As you say people shouldn’t need to endure this kind of environment but this is the sad reality of what many have to face and not just in the LGBT community.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle. XXX

      1. I think it will change over time but it won’t be in my lifetime. Though to be fair there has been a marked difference in attitudes over the last 40 years.

        Love And Best Wishes
        Gayle. XXX

      2. it makes me so happy when my grandson (13) magnus chooses to wear pink rain boots since he was a tot, and ells me that his best friend petra, identifies as a boy and he likes to be called pete and so all of the children do so without a second thought. this gives me hope for the future

      3. The young are our hope for a better world for the future. Oh god, I’m just thinking about the time when we were your grandson’s are and some of our more optimistic elders were saying that about us.

        Love And Best Wishes
        Gayle. XXX

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