Death Sentence

Yesterday morning I got a brown envelope in the post. It contained the result of my mandatory reconsideration for my claim for personal independence payment and yet again the sociopaths at the Department of Work and Pensions have refused me. However you had better believe me when I say this fight isn’t over and will only end when I am given the justice I deserve. Now with me being me I decided to give my take on things by writing a poem on the topic but I don’t think they’d like it. Oh dear. how sad, never mind. That said I hope you enjoy what I think will be a thought provoking read.

Death Sentence

In plushly decorated offices
pen pushers sit at their desks passing death sentences
with every bloodstained letter
as the next disabled person
loses their to right to exist
victims of social death
the right to live was extinguished
long ago
now ghosts from the past murders
prepare to haunt the hearts of physco killers
as they circle the wagons
in this 92nd rate Banana republic
where the ugly politics of exclusion are so beloved by the vulgar and
the rich
this dis United Kingdom
which believes in equality
only for those who pay for the privilege
this British fair play is it seems
not allowed in housing schemes
as those who patrol the gates
are friends of the monarch
who has enough disposable income
to banish poverty but has no interest in taking the steps required
yet coats lies in sugar every year
in their annual speech to the nation
so eagerly watched by the pen pushers and their friends
who smiled as Santa Claus
placed gifts beneath the tree
on Christmas Eve
knowing that the bonus they received
was worth it’s weight in body bags

© Gayle Smith 2020

4 Replies to “Death Sentence”

  1. Your poem is so true . Disabled people are taken off pip and also on esa have to pay bedroom tax. Take and take from the poor some of these people will die. There was a lady in England walked out in front of a lorry on a motor way cause she couldnt live on the money she got and had also to pay bedroom tax. D.W.P do kill people and also make some people want to die because of the austerity. Your poem is so true loved it . They are Murderers Thanks Gayle x

    1. Hey Beth. It’s a poem that speaks about the heartlessness of the British government and believe me that lot would make Donald Trump look like mastermind. I appreciate this is not easy but Boris Johnson takes arrogance and stupidity to levels even Trump can’t reach.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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