Softly Spoken Whispers

In this poem I Iook back to my university years and the opening night of a second year geography field trip to Newcastle as part of my Geography and Politics degree. This was at a time when Newcastle was just beginning to get a reputation as a party city and being students we were determined to head for the big market. It was a memorable night in more ways than one and it was a night I shared secrets with a couple of girls who proved to be great friends not just for that night but the remainder of my degree right through till graduation day. I’ve given it the title Softly Spoken Whispers, I hope you enjoy the read

Softly Spoken Whispers

In Newcastle
on a second year field trip
we studied the geography of romance
when we went to the big market
in the run up to Blair’s election landslide in 97
some of the guys tried their luck
as they dance with local lassies
one says she loves Scottish accents
but she can’t understand my pal
and his broad Glasweigan tongue
who would have thought Govan speak
would become the language of love
or more accurately lust
nervously I do what I must
and stand at the side of the dancefloor
with two girls with boyfriends back home
I hope he’s not gone to the Garage tonight one said
as our other friend goes to the bar she asks me
would it be Archaos or the Arches
if this was a normal Saturday
she seemed surprised when I said
I would have started at the union
before heading to Bennetts or Club X
you hide it well she said
I would never have guessed
she laughs when I tell her
I see guys as the opposite sex
the ice now broken we relax
sharing jokes the guys wouldn’t get
I’m comfortable with her knowing my sexuality
though I’m hoping she’ll be too hungover
to remember what was said
when the morning comes
sharing a moment we bond and start speaking in code
as we dance secret chats are had
discussing the merits of stars
and Robbie, Becks, and George Michael
are forensically disected in ways
only women know
secret crushes discovered
by guilty blushes
including those
we don’t want others
to know
as we share our thoughts in softly spoken whispers
she says our chat
will remain between us girls
true to her word the promise was kept
it was never mentioned again
though occasionally hinted at on returning home
but only when she thought
it was safe
like the day she saw me in Frasers
as I browsed through the hosiery
she came over to me and with a knowing look
said I think these tights would suit your style
they would compliment that wee purple dress
I saw you buying last weekend
well I have to keep you on trend she remarked
and what happened in Newcastle.
stays in Newcastle
only to be shared between us girls
and told in stories in softly spoken whispers
the stars will keep to themselves

© Gayle Smith 2020

2 Replies to “Softly Spoken Whispers”

    1. Hey Beth. She and our other friend were real stars from that night right through to graduation day and I really appreciated that. I hope both girls are having great and fulfilling lives because they’ll never quite how much they helped to change mine for the better.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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