In this poem  I tackle the issue of solitude which is I think appropriate considering the circumstances of our current situation I’ve given it the title Solitare I hope you enjoy the read


In isolation she plays Solitare
before switching to Sodoku
when bored
she may attempt a Rubik cube
later in the afternoon
as she tries her best to ignore the news
of a world on the verge of disaster
to lighten the mood
she decides to change in to her leotard
tune in to the music channel
as she spices up her life
and dances like nobody’s watching
in a space she calls her own
this is a place
where no-one can tell her
that a woman in her fifties
is too old for fishnets
there are she thinks some benefits
to minimal social contact
as she knows she’ll go through
the same routine tomorrow
and for several weeks thereafter
until she is sure
it is light outside
and we’re returning
to what passes for normality

© Gayle Smith 2020

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