Natural Selection

As the global pandemic that is Covid19 has Europe and the world in its grip finslly starts to be taken seriously in this country this poem asks some very serious questions. It looks at the attitudes of the UK Government during the early stages of the pandemic and attempts to explain why the Tories, in their determination to put the economy before the health of the people lost the country valuable time in the fight against the spread of this potentially lethal infection and went down the road of herd immunity which has and will cost lives. It is due to this act of national insanity that I’ve titled it Natural Selection and this title leads me to draw some uncomfortable conclusions and ask if this authoritarian attitude could lead to gradual erosion of rights and civil liberties we’ve long taken for granted. I hope you enjoy what I think will be a challenging and thought provoking read.

Natural Selection

This is not 1933
Westminster still stands
aloof from those voted for them
and that’s exactly how they like it
they don’t want the public
getting over excited
about this global pandemic
this unknown condition
which has resulted
in shutting the world down
we’re under orders to keep calm
and carry on
like nothing’s ever happened
the roads are strangely quiet
there have been no riots
we have been anesthetised
by lies bluster and tom foolery
the state has cruelty on its mind
controversy is last thing they want
the haunted are plagued by darkness
as they play with numbers
to devise a set of statistics they can explain at a later date
when the climate of hate they created
becomes the new normality
with society sinking to new depths
natural selection decides
if we escape the cull
carried out by performing seals
whose stiff upper lips
tell us to grin and bare it
whilst singing their national anthem
as Pilot turns away to let the dictatorship
wash their hands of us
this is not 1933
we past that date long ago
when the time machine went back
to the days of Henry the eighth
before rejecting his ways
as being far too progressive for their liking

© Gayle Smith 2020

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