I May Not Be A Person Of Interest But I Do Have An Interesting Life

As a blogger of over five years I would like to say there are few if any issues which have caused me concern since starting tartan tights in March 2012 .

I have put a lot of effort in to what I hope is now a site worth reading and strive to create quality content on a number of diverse topics in which I could be said to have an interest. This has not been an easy journey but it has in the main been an enjoyable and rewarding one . However at this stage of my blogging history I am perhaps for the first time experiencing a very slight unease and if you’ll allow me the privilege I’ll explain the reason why 

It started at the beginning of this month when I suddenly noticed a spike in my stats. Now normally this would be a good thing which would leave me feeling pretty positive but to me at least it was a problem, you see though the views were substantially up the only real increase was in my home page. When added to the fact that this increase was coming not from the UK (my site doesn’t give separate figures for Scotland) but from the United States I was shall we say ever so slighty puzzled .

As a political activist I worried that since I hold views which would lead to the alt right calling me a snowflake that I may have become a person of interest but even for a Celtic fan that may be taking paranoia to a whole new level. I mean I know I have been a vocal critic of President Trump and his friends in the UK Conservative Party but person of interest surely not.  

After putting my paranoia to bed I thought about other potential reasons for this sudden spike in my stats, and the only reason I can possibly think of is that unlike my genuine American readership they don’t actually know what my blog is about and perhaps because of the name they believe it to be focused on one of the following areas. 

(1) Tartan 

(2) Tights

(3) Both 

When they discover it is about neither the tartans of the clans of Scotland or the latest fashion hoisery I can only begin to imagine the horror in their faces, no doubt this will be made even worse when they realise that the blogger concerned is a spoken word poet who is also a transsexual woman and an ardent supporter of both Scottish independence and environmental issues such as climate change. Yes I am really what some would a liberal minded progressive which in Scotland we call normal. I guess this is why most of them don’t make it past the home page. To me the fact they don’t read my posts is their loss rather than mine and message to them is clear if you don’t want to read my content then don’t re-visit my site in the hope it will change,  because it wont and neither will I. Anyway as you should know the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and hoping for a different result. 

So having made all the points I wanted to make,  I will conclude by saying this is my blog. It is my space on the information super highway that is the internet . It a place where I’ll share my thoughts in my way and I’ll try to produce the kind of content I know my regular readers enjoy reading and after five and a half years of tartan tights I think I know what that might be. Why do I say this you may ask, well I’ll tell you why and it all comes down this simple fact, I may not be a person of interest, but I do have an interesting life. 

Till next time

Gayle X


6 thoughts on “I May Not Be A Person Of Interest But I Do Have An Interesting Life

  1. well said. we have to be free to be who we are and write/create as we see fit. for those who don’t want to follow along, that is their choice, and those who do accept and like us for who we are.

  2. I don’t know how deeply WordPress allows you to delve into the stats, but I know that my own potty mouth has gotten me into trouble with Google on occasion. Lots of hits for “xxx” this, and “hand job” that…

    Funnily enough, they don’t tend to stick around!

    Tights definitely get you all kinds of unsavoury attention. I used to share self-portraits on a well-known photo-sharing website, and there was always a spike in unwanted attention whenever I tried to get arty with my feet. The block button is a wonderful tool.

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    • Hey Lisa-Marie I don’t think I’m trouble with Google or anything like that, it’s just that I’m getting a crazy amount of views from America all of a sudden and I can’t think why. I mean it’s not as if I post about anything particularly relevant to them and as for tights getting me loads of unwanted attention I could see the point if I posted pictures of them every week but I don’t. If truth be told, the only reference I make to them is in the title of the blog which as you know is a description of my my political beliefs and my gender identity. To me, the only credible explanation I can think of, is that some poor misguided souls think I have a brand of tartan tights. Now I hate to disappoint them but in the words of Kylie
      I should be so lucky.

      Lots Of Love
      Gayle XXX

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