All About The Cause

On day 28 of NaPoWriMo my poem  was inspired by SNP council candidate Katy Loudon after a Facebook chat in which she rightly complained about  sore feet and aching limbs after another night on the stump. Though primarily dedicated to Katy and the rest of our magnificent SNP council and General Election candidates, I think we should share it with all political activists in Scotland and the British Isles. In recognition of the work they  or should I say we, do, as I may have given away my own political affiliations in the introduction to this poem. So it is for Katie and everyone who has stuffed envelopes, put leaflets through letterboxes , went csnvassing , worked on street stalls, and  staffed campaign rooms that I dedicate this poem entitled All About The Cause, I hope you enjoy the read. 


All About The Cause 
It’s all about the cause 

the vision you believe in 

the values you hold in your heart

If only winning votes was as simple as that

but those involved no matter the party

 they are proud to represent 

know politics never was and never will be that easy 

this is not a game for the queasy 

it’s damn hard work 

there is no room for shirkers in campaigns 

You can’t have the day off just because it rains

that comes with the territory

yes your legs will be sore from climbing up and down stairs

for what seems like an enternity

and fluctuations in the opinion polls

will give us all cause for hope and concern in equal measure

on our bad days even an hour can feel like forever

especially when your doing an area you don’t know well 

but by the end of the election

you’ll know it like the back of your hand

You’ll understand the risk of cats and dogs waiting to maim you

from behind a strangers letterbox

when all you wanted to do 

was push a letter through

In the hope they would read it before binning

by reading your pledges and promises

on education, health, and transport policy

The things we do in the name of democracy 

It really is all about the cause 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 


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