Free Fall 

​On day 25 of NaPoWriMo I tackle a theme suggested to me by my friend and fellow poet Stephen Watt who challenged me to write a poem on Thrill Seekers. Since I consider myself to be more daring than most you will believe and I have several friends who love extreme sports this was a very enjoyable poem to write. Though me being me I had to  add a note of caution about knowing when to stop. I’ve given it the title Free Fall I hope you enjoy the read. 

Free Fall 

Thrill seekers

on the rollercoaster ride

they surf the waves of life 

live fast die young 

or at least before they get too old 

to surrender their lust for adventure

thrill seekers like playing for high risks

starting with kisses behind the bike sheds 

at school 

they are never the type to conform to rules 

and regulations 

 seeking inspiration from unlikely sources

horses for courses is not their style

preferring to be a wee bit  bolder

thrill seeking girls wear the off the shoulder mini dress 

I would love to be able to get away with 

but can’t 

I would look like that underdressed aunt 

blind date and take me out rejected 

at the audition 

adrenaline junkies never lack ambition 

trying things I’d love to do 

like jumping out planes in parachutes

going on explorations where others wouldn’t dare 

having the flair to start a business 

or build a home from scratch 

or risking everything in on the roll a dice 

gambling in games of chance 

they tough it out in all areas of life 

relentlessly rushing in the quest to advance 

they never go dancing just for the dance 

but while they enjoy their latest glory 

I wonder what happens at the end of the story  

if instead of reaping the rewards of their decision 

when that last impulsive move  over stretched them 

and in their dejection they crash and burn 

going in to free fall 

the price for risking it once too often. 
© Gayle Smith 2017 



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