Polar Opposites 

​On day 22 of NaPoWriMo I look at the political debate using the metaphor of environmental geography. With the coming UK General Election people will have to make a very real choice as to what kind of country and indeed what kind of society they want to live in. It is for this reason that after some much valued proof reading from Gary Hay who I  thank for suggesting some important edits for me that  I’ve titled this poem Polar Opposites. I hope you enjoy the read. 

Polar Opposites

corrosion starts slowly 

as climates change

gathering pace when no precautions are taken 

no safety barriers put in place 

to stop the situation getting worse 

eventually as things deteriorate

those living in these conditions

develop a me first mentality 

as survival comes before all else 

mind thy self and to hell with civilisation 

is the mindset as all move from the centre 

the heart of the nation is broken 

the corrosion gets worse 

engulfing those in its path 

forcing them to move to extreme positions 

as those who were once friends 

are now polar opposites. 
© Gayle Smith 2017


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