Slice Of Faith 

​On day 16 of NaPoWriMo I celebrate Easter Sunday and the inevitable chocolate feast which marks the end of lent. Those of you who know me well will  know that I not only have a strong Christian faith you will also know that  I am a chocoholic. Therefore it  will not come as a  shock to know that I dived straight in to the Easter Eggs almost as soon as the clock told me the time had come to do so.

 Truth be told I   waited less than five minutes before consuming  my first chocolate in six  long weeks (Yes Jamie-Lee I did take the Paddy’s Day amnesty but that’s allowed) and for that to be my only chocolate in six weeks is I think proof that far from being dead, the age of miracles is alive, well , and living in 21st Century Scotland. However , it wasn’t the chocolate eggs that got my tastebuds moving it was the greatest conception known to humankind aka The Blue Chair Brownie and it was when I was enjoying that culinary delight at our monthly spoken word Sunday that I knew lent was finally over for another year. I’ve given this poem the title Slice Of Faith I hope you enjoy the read. 
Slice Of Faith 
When the clock struck midnight

and  Easter Sunday had arrived 

I knew the saviour had risen 

so I think he would have forgiven me 

for only waiting three minutes 

before a cream egg broke 

my six week chocolate fast 

there was no way could I have lasted till after church 

this had to be done at the earliest possible chance 

but it wasn’t the early Easter eggs

which made my tastebuds dance 

that came in the  afternoon 

when I tasted heaven without bread and wine 

the sublime blue chair Brownie 

lingered on my lips 

briefly I thought of my hips 

and the damage this could do

but as I looked at the plate 

I knew the wait was over 

my sacrifice made 

I could now enjoy my favourite temptation 

served up with a slice of faith


© Gayle Smith 2017 


2 Replies to “Slice Of Faith ”

    1. Hey Beth I’m really glad you enjoyed this poem and think it showed my sense of humour. This isn’t always easy to convey in poems about faith and I’m glad you think I managed it.

      Hope you had a lovely Easter.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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