Curtain Twitchers 

On day 5 of NaPoWriMo I look at one the most annoying groups in our society otherwise known as the curtain twitchers. You know the type I mean, those people who continually look out the window like they have nothing better to do. The kind of people who could tell you everything about everyone in their area but when it comes to the real world  can only parrot what they’ve heard on the BBC or read in some unionist tabloid. I’ve given it the title Curtain Twitchers, I hope you enjoy the read. 

Curtain Twitchers 

in narrow streets live those  with narrower minds 

the curtain twitchers look out 

through nets and blinds 

from the safety of their nice clean homes 

and when there is no late night theatre 

nor street drunks to entertain them 

they go back to the safety of the sofa 

take the remote control 

switch on to the BBC 

where they watch Newsnight , or Question Time 

without really caring about the questions asked 

or the answers given 

ambition doesn’t stretch beyond the living room 

of those with me first mentality

who get their diet of political spoon feeding 

they are content to watch society bleeding 

to death by a thousand  cuts

this is considered normal

by those who want a formal rules society 

with everything and everyone in their proper place 

this need to feel safe 

fuels prejudice in communities 

where those who are blinkered by ignorance 

drink from cups of bitterness 

and are so blinded by its taste 

they can’t see the stars illuminate the night 

eventually dawn will break

but in the clear  light of the morning 

the curtain twitchers never see rainbows 

© Gayle Smith 2017 


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