On day 2 of NaPowriMo my choice of topic is Mental Health and in particular the need for social contact. As a poet I value my me time in own personal space however I  also value my social time as being a very sociable being  I enjoy the company of others. You see contrary to popular opinion poets are not the solitary loners we’ve been made out to be. As is sometimes the case I thought of more than potential title for this poem and being unable to make a firm decision I asked for suggestions from my virtual villagers on social media. You see I really do believe in poetry democracy in action and unlike Theresa May I respect the will of the people. It is with that in mind that I or should say my virtual villagers have given it the title Sanctuary. I hope you enjoy the read.


These four walls are your sanctuary

from the world outside 

the place you don’t have to hide 

your feelings 

you can admit that dancing on the  ceiling 

was never your style 

you don’t need to force a smile 

you can allow yourself no make up days 

and dance  like nobody’s watching 

If that’s you want to do 

 these four walls 

with their narrow view

are your sanctuary 

a refuge if you will 

 a place where you can truly be yourself 

time alone is good for your mental health

but not if you turn down so many invitations 

they eventually stop coming 

and your perceived as some mad woman 

who lives in a bubble 

you’re seen as trouble 

your humanity ignored 

as demons taunt you 

you want to roar them down 

as the walls which were meant to be your fortress

become your personal prison cell 

we all get to know both heaven and hell

during the course of our lives

and you need the skills of gymnasts and jugglers 

to get the balance right 

so , as you sit in safety

at the end of the night 

remember these four walls 

are your comfort zone 

sometimes it’s good to step out of it 

 experience a different world 

and stop the elastic band snapping. 

  © Gayle Smith 2017. 



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