As regular readers will be aware Mental Health is a subject which is close to my heart as my best friend and flatmate has depression and her illness can have a very debilitating impact on her life.  In this poem entitled Shipwreck I look on the struggles of someone who deserves a much better life than she’s had.  I can only hope her best days have still to come.  

In the still of a Sunday afternoon

I relax after church

as I sip my coffee I am aware 

the peace I currently enjoy

could be shattered at any minute

my patience stretched to the limit 

as my friend’s illness 

comes to pay a visit 

to someone who deserves much better 

than the hand she’s been given to play

in the game of chance we call living 

broken by circumstances

she endured in her early years 

she has suffered in ways I will never comprehend 

no matter how much I try 

suddenly her screams break the calm 

the day of rest means little to those with depression

a roaring tide engulfs her face 

any hope of tranquility, now a distant dream 

eventually the storm will lift 

as peace returns to her life 

she will survive the earthquake

which caused her mind to explode

and walking on eggshells

 I will clear the debris from the shipwreck 

which lies stranded on the beaches of humanity 

© Gayle Smith 2017 


2 thoughts on “Shipwreck

    • Hey Beth Living with someone who has a mental health issue is not without its challenges but I have coping mechanisms in place for those days when times are hard. However, I have to say, that hard as it may be to be live with someone who has this type of illness it is still much easier for us to deal with than it is for those who actually have the condition as the impact it can have on their lives can be potentially devastating.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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