Two Rolls On Sausage 

With mental health being the theme for this month’s Extra Second  I thought as one of the billed readers for the event, I would  share a poem on the theme and more specifically, on the impact of depression both on the person who has it and those who share their lives. I  have titled it Two Rolls On Sausage, I hope you enjoy what I think will be a thought provoking read. 

Two Rolls On Sausage 

She decides we should have  breakfast

though the post mid -day  timing

suggests brunch 

carefully she places 

four square slice in the pan

as they sizzle she makes me coffee 

despite hating the smell

she knows how I like it 

I appreciate the kindness shown 

by the friend who is always yet never alone

as ghosts stalk the darkest corners 

of her over active imagination

in preparation she makes sure

the rolls are buttered to our taste 

two for each of us 

I savour the flavour 

of a traditional Saturday starter

a simple staple of a Scottish weekend 

 like fish suppers after the game

as I enjoy the taste of  the feast 

 the beast of her depression strikes

 she bites in to each roll alternately 

and after her culinary multi tasking 

 eventually finishes both

 © Gayle Smith 2017 



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