A Day Without Women (A Poem For International Women’s Day)

​On International Women’s Day I’ve written this poem in which I have questioned those who question the need for this day to imagine a world without women and I have given it the title A World Without Women. I hope you enjoy the read. 

A Day Without Women

Imagine a day without women 

a day without your mum 

to see you off to school

or your aunt 

you know  the one who knew 

you broke the rules

but would never land you in it 

the sister  you didn’t get on with as kids

to whom you now turn for advice 

or the gran who told you 

girl’s rights were important 

and you would understand this 

when you had a daughter 

who would look up to you as her hero

and a wife or partner who would love you 

in spite of your flaws 

or maybe even because of them 

imagine a  world with no-one to tend  your wounds 

or nurse your battered ego 

keep your secrets 

or kiss you goodnight 

if a world without women 

doesn’t give you a fright 

then nothing ever will 

 women and girls deserve respect 

we are not just objects for lustful thoughts and sex 

we claim the right to the equal pay 

we still haven’t received yet

nearly 50 years since the first Equal Pay Act 

passed in to law 

when you imagined 

a day without women 

were you horrified at what you saw ?

I hope you were and will help us 

in our fight for equality

no woman deserves to be trapped 

in a cycle of poverty 

abused by restrictions and a  low wage economy 

if a boat needs rocked 

then let’s get it rocking 

it’s shocking how many women

 still suffer domestic abuse 

it’s time that not so bonnie  Scotland 

faced a few home truths 

and admitted things still need improving 

sexism and misogyny cut across all social classes 

we need a world where lassies 

are valued in the same way as boys 

and that’s why we  need international women’s day 

we are here and you can’t just wish us away 

and despite what Germain Greer may say 

I am a woman 

who will fight for a better  world

so future generations of girls 

will never face the prejudice and discrimination 

which still exists 

despite our resistance

 and a few cracks in the glass ceiling 

It’s still a man’s world when it comes to wealth 

and being allowed to fulfill your potential 

even female intellectuals can only go so far 

to paraphase Malthus there are limits to personal growth 

and sexism is still an everyday occurance 

we are judged on our appearance 

in a way no man ever is 

If we assert ourselves

 we are accused of going off on one 

words like tantrum, strop, and tizz 

used as excuses to deny us our rights 

we shouldn’t be needing to fight this fight 

at this time in history 

but we are

and we’re doing it for daughters, nieces, sisters, wives , mothers 

for women we know, and for those we’ve never net 

and never will 

as a trans woman I will proudly stand 

with women and girls 

all over the world 

as an internationalist I can see 

their  fight is my fight 

their rights are my rights

so when you imagine 

a day without women

remember this 

a day without women 

is a day without me 

and you need me 

more than you know 

  © Gayle Smith 2017 


2 thoughts on “A Day Without Women (A Poem For International Women’s Day)

  1. Yep, we women are great! Although, I often imagine a world without men and quite like the idea (apart from having to fix my own flat tyres). A world without women…I guess men would have to change..maybe they’d even have to invent us!

    • I think you’re right. I’m pretty certain men would have to invent us if we didn’t exist and as a trans woman let me say we would be their best invention. Well it would prove that sometimes even men can get things right.

      Love And Best Wishes
      Gayle X

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